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Queenstown 9348
New Zealand


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Queenstown Natural Perfumiers is proud to be a corporate member of the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network


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With thanks ―

John Barkla:  Leptospermum scoparium, mānuka (Inspiration);  Phormium tenax, harakeke (Contacts);  Pseudowintera colorata, horopito (Mountain Herbs);  Sophora microphylla, kōwhai (Lakeland Flora);  Hebe salicifolia, koromiko, and Phormium tenax , harakeke (High Country Tussock)

Jeremy R Rolfe:  Pseudowintera colorata, horopito (Purchases);  Hoheria populnea, houhere (Mountain Herbs);  Podocarpus totara, tōtara, and  Pseudowintera colorata, horopito (Wilderness Berries);  Leptospermum scoparium, mānuka (Lakeland Flora)

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