Leptospermum scoparium var. scoparium, mānuka


The perfumes we envisaged didn’t exist.  But we felt them, imagined them, sensed them.

In a journey of nearly three years’ development, we brought together a team of experts with a clear mission:  to bring out the best of perfume history, culture and heritage, and renew it in unique, sophisticated compositions for our place in the world, our contemporary lives.

Together we made it happen.  Perfume conception, design and composition express the essence of the New Zealand personality.  Every detail matches or exceeds the highest international perfumery standard.  Passion, excitement, care, join the most rigorous scientific and technical expertise.

We began with deep research into native botanical oils.  Then, together with internationally acclaimed New Zealand perfumier, Yves Dombrowsky, we developed and refined storyboards, pictograms, samples upon samples, until we together were satisfied.  Finished formulations match international Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards.  Parfum concentrates, sourced from Grasse, finalised our designs.

Excellence in production matches composition.  At Shieling, the leading cosmetics laboratory in the country, senior chemist Dr Oliver Hofmann’s team balance the ideal architecture of top, heart and base notes of our Parfums with chosen native botanical essences, pure grain alcohol, and distilled water.  The created perfumes are then macerated for a full month before laboratory bottling.

Our team extends through a host of New Zealand expertise.  We print on our glass bottles via meticulous hand-working at specialist glass printers.  Our boxes, printed and formed here, are hand-folded with a minimum of glue.  Chemists, perfumiers, designers, artisan manufacturers – all are acknowledged leaders in their fields.

And our journey continues.  We work closely with foremost New Zealand botanists and ecologists, many others, in developing further fragrances.

The result?  Perfumes, as fine as any, that speak of our country’s beauty and creativity.