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FEBRUARY 2022:تمتعي-برائحة-عطره-مع-أفضل-المنتجات-مبي/

Tajmeeli, the leading Arab-language website for beauty advice and the world’s superior beauty products, has chosen our Mountain Herbs eau de cologne as one of the world’s best fragrances for 2022.

Mountain Herbs من كوينز تاون Queenstown

توصف رائحة عطر Mountain Herbs من Queenstown بأنها أشبه بالتقاء أشعة الشمس مع ذوبان الجليد في بيئة نيوزيلندا الجبلية، يُقصد من ذلك أنها رائحة حيوية ومنعشة وجذابة، ترجع تلك الخصائص لاحتوائه على مكونات عطرية فائقة التميز في كل طبقة من طبقات الهرم العطري وهي:


Translation of full feature below:




The scent of Mountain Herbs perfume from Queenstown Natural Perfumiers is like the meeting of the sun with the melting snow in the mountainous environment of New Zealand. This means that it has a lively, refreshing and attractive scent. These characteristics are due to the presence of superior aromatic components in each layer of the aromatic pyramid, namely:

  1. Top notes: hyacinth, lemon, mountain pepper, galbanum.
  2. Heart notes: rose, violet, jasmine, incense.
  3. Base notes: rosewood, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, mint.

Mountain Herbs by Queenstown Natural Perfumiers is an ultra-pure natural fragrance product, formulated with 100% botanical extracts. The fragrance is available in two main sizes, 50 ml and 100 ml.

  1. Spray directly onto the skin for perfuming.
  2. Can be used as a skin soother after shaving.

Post by Sandra Simpson, 27 January 2018, at Sandra’s Garden –

Scent of a landscape

Yesterday I was lucky enough to hear some of the story of Queenstown Natural Perfumiers, a business founded by Serena and Harold Jones (she a botanist, he a poet) which has set out to capture some very specific scents from the Queenstown area landscapes and create them as naturally as possible – of the four scents, three are Ecocert-certified as 100% natural, while the fourth uses ‘synthetics’ as an environmentally conscious choice.

Both Harold and Serena, whom I’ve known for years, are passionate about the wild places of this country and our beautiful landscapes. I was able to sample each of the scents, picking out Lakeland Flora and Wilderness Berries as the two with most ‘nose appeal’ for me.

For a sense of what the perfumes invoke – and for much better writing than you’ll get from me – head to Reviews for comments by novelist Laurence Fearnley.

QT magazine, Queenstown lakes, Spring 2017: