Leptospermum scoparium var. scoparium, mānuka


‘I happened upon Lakeland Flora back in December when I was on a cruise in port in Wellington and we went to the museum.  I love it and hope to purchase more whenever I’m back there.  It’s light and airy and perfect for this time of year.  It’s my favourite go-to fragrance’  Ms C Z, California

‘… as a botanist, and a bloke, can I testify on behalf of your High Country Tussock, which I am fully into and regularly use’ Mr A F, Christchurch

‘I received it as a lovely gift, it’s a beautiful fragrance and have it in my hand bag, great for these hot hot days!’ K K, Auckland

‘Loving the wilderness berries. It’s fresh and sweet, so very easy to wear and feels very uniquely kiwi!!’ Ms C P, Tauranga

‘ … I am leaving a trail of lovely mountain herbs today!!’ H N, Rotorua

‘Your fragrance smells gorgeous and is so unique’ Ms J R, Hamilton

‘My faves are Lakeland Flora and Mountain Herbs and it’s amazing how they keep evolving after being sprayed’ M B, Queenstown

‘It was a difficult task to choose between these gorgeous fragrances … We purchased High Country Tussock. On my skin the perfume creates an alluring sweetness which instantly arouses the senses, over time it develops warm spicy overtones making it a perfect all-season scent’ S P, Remuera, Auckland

‘I received my perfume as a Christmas gift the floral one. It’s really great and I am using it every day’ C K, Auckland

‘Subtle, timeless, elegant …. beautiful!’ Ms B S, Invercargill

‘I received a special present: Queenstown Natural Perfumiers Lakeland Flora. The scent is simply divine, I’d recommend this range of perfume to everyone’ M G, Tauranga

‘I received mine as a gift. Lovely fragrance. Wilderness Berries – take it with me on those special occasions’ L M S, Auckland

‘It’s so New Zealand’ C J, Rotorua

‘Love my Wilderness Berries fragrance. Was a gift from hubby who was visiting NZ. Fresh, crisp and pleasant for all day everyday wear’ Ms T G, London

‘I have tried and purchased all four of these perfumes… I gifted them to overseas friends who just loved them’ M K, Tauranga

‘I have been wearing High Country Tussock a lot. It seems a very tranquil scent to me’ L F, Dunedin

‘I just saw your perfumes today – divine!’ P R, Queenstown

‘It’s just up my street!  It has a beautiful lively freshness that reminds me of mountain air.  With a light citrus tone I can almost smell pine.  I find it invigorating and can be quite generous with it.  Beautiful’  Ms H Z, Oxfordshire, England

‘Amazing … smart … It’s a very sharp and cool line’ F H, Queenstown

‘They’re the real thing’ Anon., Queenstown

‘My favourite is Mountain Herbs which has a wonderfully light minty, peppery, “zingy” presentation – the perfect aftershave … It’s great to see a world class product being crafted here in New Zealand … the perfect gift for my offshore friends – a quality touch of Aotearoa!’ Mr D H, Remuera, Auckland

‘I love the perfumes’ J L, Newmarket, Auckland

‘What a treat to discover this delectable range of uniquely NZ fragrances … Lakeland Flora has become my favourite go to scent this summer … I hope my friends (Kiwi and all over the globe) will enjoy their own experience of this outstanding fragrance range’ Ms J H, Remuera, Auckland