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A perfume is a feeling.  A feeling of natural, instinctive, well-being.  Of personal harmony.  Inner vitality.  Nuance and intrigue.  Whether fleeting emotion or lasting memory ― like a piece of favourite music ― a scent reflects and inspires life.

Some fragrances become part of who we are.  A subtle extension of personality.  At once delicate and powerful — stimulating reverie, attachment, living in our senses — a fragrance can help us see more clearly, feel more deeply.

Our fine perfumes capture the fresh, aromatic luxuries of our Aotearoa New Zealand wild flora and pristine environments, in designs for contemporary life.

With up to 20 natural botanical essences in each, they’re meticulously crafted exquisite expressions of the pure pleasure of being.  As natural, as individual, as your own free life.

Your nature, our natural world — our perfumes bring them together with balance, elegance, sophistication, sensuous beauty.

Conceived, Designed and Composed in Aotearoa New Zealand