The poetry of place

Here in New Zealand nature has a sparkling radiance, a particular grandeur, the finest clarity, the softest subtlety.  Our privileged environment, in its fleeting and constant variety, is central to experience here.  These thoughts and feelings — with our plants, their scents, colours, light, the mountains, their clean clear air, our lapping freshwater — are our inspiration.

We looked for the unique, sensuous properties in our remote landscapes, their varieties of plant life, our marvellous natural ecology.  These worlds, their living and physical splendour, their details, have been painted, written about, studied, photographed, reflected in music, appreciated through generations.

We sought to find and express their essential scents, to capture the human benefits in deepened natural connection with our wild flora and its fragrances.  In our years of bush walking, in our tramping, in working with care and conservation groups, we learned the soft, fragrant release of leaf-mould underfoot.  We felt in our fingers the textures of damp and dry mosses, the bark of ancient trees, lichens, flowers, berries, leaves — each with their distinct and fleeting fragrance.

Like many others, we’ve drawn breath after climbing to the open, grassy summits of South Island hills, experienced the deep inner and outer clarity that we find amid the broken, rocky heights of mountains, among the tiny jewel-like alpine plants.  Like many, we’ve waded through cold, clear North Island streams, among huge, smooth stones and their waving freshwater vegetation, breathing in the rich or subtle scents of our native bush — the trees, the ferns, the pale flowers, bright berries.

These are the inspirations for the conception and design of our perfumes.  We seek to offer the life-enhancing values of breathing in what nature provides.

Our perfumes are parts of this richness.