Leptospermum scoparium var. scoparium, mānuka


Vision.  Obsession.  Mission.

For us, they’re more than words.  They’re a way of life.  They’re at the heart of our drive to create perfumes to fit with the way we live here.  A place of fresh experiences, personal freedom, no fuss enjoyment.

Our founders, Serena and Harry Jones, set the goal.  ‘We were in Queenstown, beside the bright, rippling lake, below the drifting mist of the mountains, breathing in the crisp, fragrant air, amidst the southern beech trees and sandy lakeshores.  We said, we should capture this.  The freshness, the clarity, the purity.’

‘They’d be perfumes that belong to New Zealand, that enhance personal wellbeing.  That aren’t about making a statement to others, but about pleasing one’s self.’

Our team responded.  You could, we said, choose one every morning to bring out your up-and-go feelings of pleasure and wellbeing.  Another to add a deep sense of total health and refreshment through the day.  Something else, richer, just as easy to wear, warm and alluring for the evening.  No clouds of scent, but an intimate pleasure on your skin.  They’d enhance every experience, enrich the exhilaration and memory of whatever you do.

They’d express the qualities of our clear, pristine environments, our exquisite native flora.  They’d be as fine, as beautiful, as any in the world, and belong here, in our lives, our country, our habits.

And everything possible had to be done in New Zealand.