The power of combination

A scent is complex, multi-faceted, never simple.  Our fine fragrances are expressions of nature, reflections of the human and external worlds.  They are composed of many ingredients, as is our team, drawn together by our founders ― poet and botanist ― Harry and Serena Jones.

Together, we share a unifying and inspiring vision — that of creating a perfume range of exceptional distinction and elegance, with a particular New Zealand character.

Our continuing journey is to use our knowledge, our perceptions, our passions, to find and draw out the most vitalising, sensuous, evocative qualities of our flora and ecologies.  For these qualities are of unique personal value — offering a new mindfulness, a new appreciation of the harmonies to be found between self and world.

As a team, we combine deep and wide-ranging professional practice and research in perfumery — pursuing the highest standards of aesthetic and technical creativity.  We join a passion for business excellence with a keen sense of environmental responsibility.  Underlying all is an intense love for New Zealand.

Everything able to be produced in New Zealand is produced here.  Our perfumes are conceived, designed and composed here.  Our perfume designers, graphic designers, box-makers, printers, photographers and screen printers, our production house, are all in New Zealand.

Together we aim to showcase the best in New Zealand creativity and capability.