Expressions of nature

Our perfumes draw attention to natural beauty.  They also reflect nature’s vulnerability, in the essential fragility and evanescence of a scent.

They will not fill a room — will not overpower your or others’ senses.  Gender-neutral in conception and in use, they remain personal, enjoyed individually as part of one’s self, as a chosen accompaniment and inspiration to a mood, a day, an evening, a moment.

Our perfumes offer all the therapeutic and vitalising values of our chosen botanicals, with added qualities of harmony, sophistication and elegance.

Use them, as you would the experience of being in nature itself ― to relax, to reconnect, to be self-aware, to be exhilarated, inspired, sensual, alert and confident ― to love life.

Effects start gently, and deeper complexities unfold over time.  Unlike many perfumes that tend to collapse to a dull, hard drydown, ours ― with their high numbers of natural botanicals ― stay lucent, fresh, intriguing and beautiful on the skin right until the last notes soften.  Wear them as often as you like, changing from one to another, through the day, evening, and night.

For others with whom we are intimate — a partner, family member, lover, companion, friend — our perfumes will be a personal discovery, a moment of closeness.

Breathe in the exquisite botanical scents.  They will retain their beauty, adding pleasure to life, enhancing your sense of wellbeing, enriching time.  Enjoy them as expressions of your own world, your own nature.

Conceived, designed and composed in New Zealand.  Explore our range.