Authentic natural care

We follow three interlinked principles ―  to be environmentally alert and responsible, determinedly cruelty-free, and positively socially engaged.

Attention to nature, its flora, its beauty, its passages, fragility, sustainability, is central to Queenstown Natural Perfumiers.  We seek to add value to our natural world, to draw out and enhance its qualities, benefits and riches in new, thrilling, sensuous personal perfumes.

We are proud to be part of the green cosmetics movement.  Formulated in New Zealand with concentrates, as required, coming from Grasse, France, our perfume oils are composed with the highest quality natural ingredients, using numerous pure botanical essences.

Naturals add depth, sophistication, and distinction.  They provide exquisite complexity, softness and subtlety.  With up to 20 botanical oils in each of our perfumes, we use only those that are sustainably and ethically managed.

In three of our perfumes, our 100 per cent natural Parfums are Ecocert® certified (  We recognise, though, that naturals are under significant and growing global pressure.  Their use requires responsibility and care.  Where synthetics are the intelligent choice — for environmental considerations or ethical issues — we use these.  In many cases in perfumery, in such instances as sandalwood, synthetics are more ecologically sound and are the greener choice.  In one of our four perfumes, our Parfum concentrates are 50 per cent natural.

All our Parfum ingredients meet rigorous EU standards.

Our perfume ingredients and our finished perfumes are created without animal testing.  Our principles are not tradeable, and we see consumer education as vital:  it isn’t widely understood that all cosmetics imported into China are required to be tested on animals.  We are determinedly cruelty free.

In composing each of our perfumes, we include carefully chosen New Zealand native plant extracts.  All of these are sustainably sourced and harvested.

The base for each of our perfume blends is composed fully of plant-derived grain alcohol and distilled water, with no additives.

Our packaging card is derived from sustainably managed forests, and our chosen packaging supplier holds Enviro-Mark Gold accreditation.  Our folded boxes use a minimum of glue, and are printed with vegetable-oil-based inks.  Like our glass bottles, they are fully recyclable.

Our role is to protect, advocate and care for our inheritance.