Keep the feeling

The link between fragrance and feeling is uniquely close and intense.

Our sense of smell is something of rare personal value ― whether to invigorate or to relax, to please oneself or to attract, and to enhance feelings of personal health and wellbeing.  The olfactory nerve that senses smell is directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, where both emotion and memory dwell.

When we do something to please ourselves, we spread that joy among those around us.

With their high numbers and proportions of natural aromatics, our perfumes are subtle and strong influences on physical, psychical and emotional health.  With a richness and elegance beyond simple aromatherapy, they are accompaniments to life in all its passages, moods, moments ― calling to the deepest of inner joys, the appreciation of our individual personality, the health of our whole being.

Our botanicals include oils and essences ― such as absolutes, tinctures and resins — of herbs and flowers, wood and gum, bark, roots, peel, fruits, seeds and leaves.  Once on the skin, our perfumes come into their own.  They interact with your individual body chemistry to create a truly personal experience.  Starting gently, they unfold and blossom over time.

Our perfumes will not overpower your or others’ senses.  Gender-neutral in design, our perfumes are worn and enjoyed by women and men alike according to individual preference.  Each one will take you on a sensuous journey towards deeper connection with holistic and aromatic pleasures and with the profound intelligence of our natural world.  While the spirit and longevity of the notes are different on each person, the exquisite depth, complexities, subtlety and softness of each ingredient work in an evolving balance and harmony.

To experience our perfumes to the full, spray directly onto your pulse points (where your body’s heat will interact with the perfume molecules), onto your upper forearms or upper hand, and onto the front or back of the neck.

The longevity of our perfumes depends on three factors:  your skin type (the oilier your skin the better);  the range of botanicals (citrus notes are more volatile than woods, spices, musks);  the intensity of the perfume concentrates in the alcohol and water base, which varies in eau de cologne, eau de toilette, and eau de parfum.

After applying the perfume, we suggest you:

  •  Pause for the alcohol to evaporate
  •  Take a moment to focus on the notes
  •  Notice the perfume’s contours, its harmony and richness
  •  Follow how it changes — after a few minutes, and then in a little while
  •  Breathe in the exquisite botanical scents

Enjoy them, as you enjoy your own natural wellbeing.