New Zealand


in the finest


An environment has a fragrance.  An experience has a scent.

Whether fleeting memory or lasting emotion, a scent reflects and inspires life.

Some fragrances become part of who we are.  At once delicate and powerful — enhancing our emotions, enriching our memories, stimulating our vitality — a fragrance can help us feel more deeply, see more clearly, live more fully.

Our fine perfumes celebrate our shared natures, our individualities, and the purifying, vitalising splendours of New Zealand nature and our Queenstown environment.  With up to 20 botanical essences in each, they’re meticulously crafted exquisite expressions of natural beauty and the joy of being.  They’re new and unique reflections of what it is to live here or visit our country — what it is to be yourself, right here, right now.

Your nature, our natural world — our perfumes bring them together with balance, elegance, intrigue, sophistication, sensuous beauty.  With all the rich benefits of carefully chosen natural botanical aromatics, they’re a way to enhance your sense of self, enrich your feelings of health and wellbeing, deepen your individual, fulfilling emotions.

They’re a way to keep your best experiences with you, to keep the feeling.

Conceived, Designed and Composed in New Zealand