fresh. pure. you.


Now you can wear perfumes created for our New Zealand way of life.

Exquisite perfumes, easy to wear, as fresh, as pleasurable, as natural as your personal well-being.

Here in New Zealand natural qualities matter.  We’re close to nature.  We’re outdoors a lot.  We like to do things on the spur of the moment.  Dress up when we want to.  Go barefoot from the bach to the beach, dry in the sun on the way back.  We enjoy the light, the colours, the laughter, the freedom.

We ski in the morning, relax in a hot pool in the afternoon.  We grab a group of friends and go tramping.  We do road trips, take a boat out, keep fit.  We notice and relish pure and changing botanical scents.

It’s a world like no other.

Our kind of life deserves its own perfumes.  So we created them.

Conceived, designed and composed in New Zealand.